Academic with a sense of humor (Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies). Angrily seeking tenure track gig. I’m sarcastic, curse & probably need a nap. Grammatical fascist. All caveats apply (& then some). Likely joking, but possibly not.

Curriculum Vitae

Lies Important People [And Others] Tell About Me

Dr. Rogers is never bland.

Ingrid Matteson

You’re a stunning hobbit.

Hend Amry, aka @LibyaLiberty (Queen of Muslim Twitter)

Amanda is the only person I know who could make any of this funny.

Jeremy Scahill

Amanda is a unique combination of sea urchin and cuddly wolverine cub. Her approach to teaching includes a large ditch where less promising students are buried. I misused an apostrophe once and now breathe through a hole in my neck.

Neil Maxwell – Twitter nemesis

You make it fun to listen to suffering.

Arn Menconi

Your rage gives me life.

Ingrid Matteson

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