Pretty self-explanatory. If you understand the word “pedagogy,” the links here aren’t exactly enigmatic riddles from a Sphinx.

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Teaching Philosophy:

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I don’t give a damn if you think my pedagogical method is controversial or “unprofessional.” IT WORKS. First off, professors who treat college students like kids piss me off.

Pretty self-explanatory. If you understand the word “pedagogy,” the links here aren’t exactly enigmatic riddles from a Sphinx.

I remember professors condescending to me like I was a 14-year old (working three jobs, and living on my own in high school made me SALTY AS HELL ABOUT THIS BEHAVIOR).

Nothing is quite as irritating as paying a ridiculous amount of money for a boring AF professor and a class from which you don’t learn much, and definitely can’t retain anything – because it’s excruciatingly painful to sit through 75 minutes of this arrogant drone with a stupid powerpoint THAT REPLICATES THE BOOK WORD-FOR-WORD.

Students aren’t stupid, and they can smell your bullshit a mile away. Trying to fake a “HELLO I AM A SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL PROFESSOR WITH A DOCTORATE BOW BEFORE MY EXPERTISE” personality ” is dumb as hell and it rarely works (oh, yeah: also – selfishly – I’m too lazy to lie, and too untalented for acting).

At the beginning of the semester, I always tell my classes: “I do not drag myself to campus at an ungodly hour SO I CAN BE BORED. ENTERTAIN ME AND I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR. If I wanted to torture people, I’d join the CIA.” And goddammit, I mean that.

Respect your students enough to not hide your ACTUAL personality. First of all, see point #3 (does. not. work. THEY AREN’T STUPID). If you respect your students enough to be real with them, they’ll take you seriously – perhaps counterintuitively, not faking another persona actually helps them learn more and better retain that information. BECAUSE THAT IS NOT BORING.

Taking the time to recognize, respond to, and appreciate the individuality of these lunatics listening to you. Giving a shit has a remarkable impact on the classroom environment [for real – try it sometime]; it fosters more collaboration, more discussion – and a hell of a lot more fun.

Demystify cursing. I don’t mean YOU, the professor, should curse in class. I mean: ignore the student who says “hell” or “shit” in a discussion just to be edgy. Specify formal presentations necessitate formal language, but don’t scold your GROWN ASS ADULT COLLEGE STUDENTS because they accidentally use the same words your ass does once you walk out the classroom door – unless, of course, you want them all to hate you [and encourage Edgy Student to attempt the Out-Shock-My-Last-Performance nonsense]. Just stop it.

YO, LISTEN UP HERE – THIS POINT IS CRUCIAL. None of the above means: lower your standards. Actually, you should raise those standards. Take your students seriously, and they won’t just meet your expectations – they will want to do so (and quite often, transcend those expectations – and it’s an amazing thing to witness).

FINALLY AND IN CONCLUSION: Once again, your students can smell your bullshit miiiillles away – so stop insulting them.

[I am spoiled, though – and NO I WILL NOT LET YOU FINISH]