Student Hall of Fame [Text Message Edition]

Oh. My. God. If you like “Student Hall of Fame: Email Edition,” DO I HAVE ANOTHER GENRE FOR MY ANNUAL AWARDS. Keep your eye on this page, because my archive is extensive – and every day, my brilliant students hone the troll skills I have gifted them (unfortunately? Nah, bruh. I’m actually ridiculously proud) – and I can say with certainty: my collection WILL grow. Guaranteed – I’m betting by tomorrow, because they’re nothing if not dedicated to the cause.

It struck me today that I really needed to add a “Student Text Message Hall of Fame” in addition to “Student Email Hall of Fame.” If I work closely with, advise an honors thesis for, and/or mentor that student (etc.), a student and mentor them, I give them cell number [this is actually fairly common at my university – some professors actually include a cell on their syllabi – which blew my damn mind].

I promise to block them if they abuse my phone number or share it [I can be very, very frightening when necessary]. Hasn’t happened yet [again, see also: I can be very, very frightening when necessary].