Writing & Ranting

The “Social Distancing” of a Casual Genocide

Gaza, COVID-19 and the Petty Irritations of Your “#QuarantineLife

Gender, Religion, Ethnicity: Structural Assumptions and Political Projections in the Endless War on Terror

Wisdom I Need to Share: Pornstaches of “Fucking Up The Middle East” Hall of Fame

Abusing the “Terrorism Discourse” (Again): State Political Suppression and the Case of Extinction Rebellion

Iran, the Trump Administration, and the Only Time I’ve Cried in Class

Triumphalism About Baghdadi’s Death is Premature — and Will Not End Well

Molokhiyya, or: How to Start a War on Arab Social Media Platforms

European Public Spheres and the Tired “Muslim Women’s Dress” Discussion (this time, with gifs)

This “Real World: Original Cast Reunion” Sucks — Surreality Television & The Democratic Debates

Humanitarian Concerns and Weaponization of Minority Discourse in the Middle East: Turkey, Syria & the Kurdish Betrayal in Historical Context

“Terrorism”: Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing (Part I)

From ISIS to the Abortion Wars: America, We Need to Talk

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